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We have a solid experience in working with customs authorities, which guarantees you a express cargo execution.

Customs execution is a performance of necessary formalities, procedures which appear in connection with the goods and vehicles transportation across the customs border.

If you are an exporter or an importer, you have to regularly deal with customs office, because according to the law, all the goods which cross Russian border must clear through customs. This is necessary for the state to control the foreign economic activities.

Anyone, who at least once had a deal with customs execution, knows how complicated this procedure is. It needs accuracy, knowledge of legal basis and a lot of time.

A solid LTB company experience in customs operations execution gives high guaranties of successful results, regardless the complexity of a customs procedure. Our company experts will predict any risks while executing customs procedures and take whatever measures are necessary to make the process of execution most prompt.

The main task of OOO LTB is minimization of clients expenses, cutting transportation time, customs clearance of the goods with getting all the authorization documents.

Our company renders the following list of services, regarding customs execution of cargos.

  • Foreign economic activities, customs regulations in Russia, customs clearance execution counseling.

  • Distribution of goods according to FEA Goods Nomenclature and pre-estimate of payment amounts.

  • Potential risk factors and ways of their minimization estimation.

  • Working out of non-tariff regulation solutions with further development of relevant accompanying documents.

  • EDS execution through FCS, all the needed documents preparation. 

  • Document preparation and new participants of FEA register.

  • Counselling in sphere of customs execution while doing FEA deals.

  • Representation of corporate interests in process of customs processing execution on customs stations.

We have a solid experience in working with customs authorities, which guarantees you a express cargo execution without any unreasonable delays and slower deliveries. This therefore allows you to perform your duties to your clients conscientiously, and carry on a successful economic activity.

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