OOO LTB in cooperation with OAO Kuchuksulphat established OOO Kuchukterminal, whose main activity is aimed to administrate Kuchuksulphats cargo traffic, and to build effective logistic schemes on its basis.

OOO Kuchukterminal has direct contracts with the biggest transport operators and rolling stock owners. There are more than 400 covered and all-steel cars with advance capacities. Now the work for substitution of rented fleet to own one is in progress. Today there are more than 500 covered rail cars in the ownership of OOO Kuchukterminal, including innovative cars with advanced capacities.

OOO Kuchukterminal is a fast-evolving enterprise, dealing with different cargos (packaged, bulk, liquid) transportation services in Russia, and also import-export operations with nearby countries. An availability of own and rented fleet of covered rail cars, and also a terminal in Novorossiysk, allows rendering a range of services of cargos delivery from central part of Russia to terminal, then reloading to containers (tank containers) and shipping to any part of the world.

Our company employs highly qualified personnel with solid experience in the field of cargos transportation. They will process your request shortly and offer you the best option of cargo delivery

All the above facts allow OOO Kuchukterminal to render transportation and logistics services on a high professional level with competitive prices.

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